the baby mills: week 33

November 21, 2014

week 33

eating: Still apples, lots of apples. Pretty sure this boy is going to enter the world with an apple in hand. And, still loving anything sweet (peppermint + chocolate is a major winning combo for me right now).

drinking: Lots of water – I know I should be drinking way more than I am, especially because I’m usually thirsty pretty much all the time. But, I’m working on it! Also loving Silk brand eggnog in my morning coffee. I’ve also been switching it up to Trader Joe’s candy cane green tea with breakfast, which is super delicious and is a perfect match for these cold, snowy mornings.

avoiding: I can happily say nothing! Food-wise, that is. I haven’t been going for my daily walks, for two reasons – one is that our dogs have been away at training so I haven’t had my main motivator around to force me out of the house, but the main reason is I don’t think snow and ice-covered sidewalks plus a pregnant chick are a very good combo…so, I’m enjoying the snow from inside these days!

wearing: Oh man, it’s been a little bit of a struggle getting dressed as I’ve gotten further along in this pregnancy. I was doing pretty good when the weather was warmer and I could wear stretchy tank tops, but regular short and long-sleeved tees just don’t cut it anymore when it comes to covering my belly. I finally invested in a few maternity pieces to get me through this last stretch, so I’m hoping I’ll be good now. Thick, comfy leggings and long sleeved shirts with a scarf are very good friends of mine right now!

feeling: Still tired – I usually hit a wall around 3pm every day, but I’ve been finding that I have a little bit more energy this week. I think it helps if I’m moving around and actively doing something around that time, otherwise I crash if I’m just sitting down or hanging out. I’m starting to get a little anxious about getting everything done before the baby comes, so I think that is pushing me to keep moving a little more than usual. I do fall asleep most nights before 9pm, though!

reading: I still have yet to finish any of the pregnancy books I’ve started, but I’m still feeling hopeful (and if I don’t, I know I’ll still survive). Currently on my nightstand, if you’re looking for something to read: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (still), Bringing Up Bebe (still), The Happiest Baby on the Block, and Great with Child. Also reading up on what to pack in my hospital bag, which is my most recent “thing to be worrying about” (really loving Ann Marie’s post about this!).

buying: Like I mentioned above, I finally invested in some cool-weather maternity pieces. I’m kindofsortof trying out the capsule wardrobe idea for these next few months, since there are only a few things that I can really wear these days anyway – I got so sick of standing in front of my closet wondering what might still fit, that I just decided to take everything out, go through it all, box up what I still love and will (hopefully be able to) wear post-pregnancy, and leave only what I can/want to wear right now. It’s a pretty cool concept, if you haven’t heard of it – I’d definitely recommend at least reading about what it is. Since I’m home most days, I usually just end up in comfy clothes anyway. But, it’s been super helpful for the days when I need to actually get ready for the day! If you’re like me and are looking for some cold-weather clothes that will fit you in your last weeks of pregnancy, here are some suggestions: Gap and Old Navy long-sleeved tees, these Gap pants (SO comfy, and I’m hoping to get lots of use out of them once the baby is here), and these leggings (I got the skinny-leg version, but can’t find them on the website – they’re meant for working out, but I love that they’re a bit thicker for winter. I’ve been wearing them with everything!). We also closed out one of our registries this week and finally got our stroller, yay! I had my heart set on the Bugaboo Bee3 for so many reasons, but we ultimately decided to go with my (MUCH more reasonably priced) second choice, which I’ve heard great things about from both online reviews and moms that I know that use it. I know I probably won’t be using our stroller enough to justify spending, like, a mortgage payment on it, so I’m happy with our decision (and now this means I can go buy other baby things instead, which I won’t complain about!).

sleeping: I’ve been having little bouts of insomnia here and there, which looks a little something like this: wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, lay back down, toss around for a while, finally pick up my phone and spend an hour scrolling through Instagram, set my phone down and try to go back to sleep, start worrying about everything I need to be doing, pick up my phone again to make lists and read reviews about things I still need to buy, set my phone down again, do some more worrying, finally fall back asleep 2 hours later. Luckily this only happens once a week, if that, but it’s not great for feeling very well-rested the next day (especially when I’m already exhausted all the time as it is).

loving: Baby hiccups still continue to endlessly amuse me. I love feeling this boy move around – because of the way he’s positioned, I can always feel his butt (on the left) or his foot (on the right). Although, I’m NOT loving when he shoves his foot up into my ribs, little stinker. Both Josh and I have gotten pretty obsessed with standing in the nursery doorway as we walk past, just looking around and imagining a little human living there in just a few short weeks (!!!!). We’ve still got some work to do in there, but knowing that room is just for him and is full of his things is so crazy and surreal and exciting and wonderful.

getting used to: Still trying to adjust to my achey body, and being tired pretty much every minute. It’s also getting increasingly hard to move around – hoisting myself out of bed/a chair/the couch/off the floor is quite a challenge these days. I think I’m also getting Braxton Hicks contractions, which are pretty bizarre and not all that comfortable when they’re happening (not painful, just uncomfortable). I’m also SO HOT all the time. I would say I’m pretty average when it comes to how warm I feel (I’ve never really been a freeze baby, but I’m not a sweaty mess all the time, either) – but man, I’m like an oven these days (or, feel like I’m living in one, I should say). I’ll be working on stuff around the house in yoga pants, a tank top, a cardigan, and slippers – and within a few hours, you can usually find me sitting on the nursery floor working on some sort of project in my underwear. It’s gotten really interesting around here.

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the baby mills: week 29

October 22, 2014

week 29

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been so great at keeping up with the updates here. I was on a roll for a while, but then life just got a bit crazy and I put blog posts on the back burner. I’m hoping to round out the final few months of this pregnancy with more consistent updates, both for you that are interested in reading along and for our family to look back on once our baby boy is here!

eating: I’m hungry on a pretty consistent basis these days (as in, I eat a meal and then 30 minutes later, am usually grabbing for something else to snack on). Toast with peanut butter and jelly is a current breakfast favorite, and I’m always down for a bowl of cereal or something apple-related – fresh apples, applesauce, apple cider. (The apple obsession is very real right now). I’ve also been working a lot of eggs into my diet, since they’re chock full of great things for pregnant women and their growing babies. I’ve developed quite the sweet tooth over the past few weeks, and ice cream has been a MAJOR weakness…one that I’m more than happy to give in to :)

drinking: Still on a coffee kick – I crave it every morning, and it has to be with half-and-half (the creamier, the better). Also still chugging sparkling water like a madwoman. And apple cider, can’t forget about the apple cider.

avoiding: Food-wise, not much of anything! I’m pretty content to eat everything these days.

wearing: Oh boy, dressing is becoming quite the challenge. I’ve got two pairs of maternity jeans, but they’re not the most comfortable things ever – most days, I end up wearing leggings with a tank top and a cardigan (but when I work from home and don’t have to leave the house, this sort of makes the most sense for me anyway…I’ve never been a fan of moving around the house in jeans). I usually only get “dressed up” if I’m meeting a client, going to an event, or going out for date night.

feeling: In all honesty, pretty darn tired and sore most days. Granted, October was a crazy work month for me and I had a TON going on that was hard on my body, but even despite that, I can definitely feel the effects of a good-sized baby living inside of me and using up gobs of my energy to grow. I’m pretty achey all over, especially my pelvis (if I sit for more than a few minutes, I get really stiff and my legs have a hard time working properly so I sort of hobble a lot). It takes a lot longer to get around these days, and I’m sleepy most of the time. I wasn’t used to feeling so tired so I asked my midwife at my last appointment if I might possibly have pregnancy-induced anemia, but I had just had blood work done and my iron counts were fine – her response was, “You’re just pregnant.” :) Well, shucks.

reading: I just started reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, which is really empowering so far. We’re currently attending a weekly Bradley Method class (a must-do if you’re interested in having a natural childbirth), and this book is a good supplement to what we’re learning there. I hadn’t really thought much about the actual birth process up until recently, and now it’s finally starting to hit me that this baby is going to have to come out of me somehow. So, I’ve become much more serious about preparing my mind and body to go through this process the way that I’d ultimately like to (naturally, no interventions, holistic approaches to pain management, and laboring at home as long as possible). Also doing some research on doulas in the area, since we’re 99.9% sure we’re going to have one on board with us for extra support and coaching once I start going into labor!

buying: I’ve been hitting up the thrift store for open-front sweaters and cardigans, because these are things that I can wear while pregnant (with a stretchy tank) and not (with…well, anything). I’m trying not to spend much money on maternity clothes, since I know I won’t get much more use out of them. I did just buy a pair of maternity tights (that come up over the belly), which I’m pretty excited about – yay for forgiving (read: comfortable) dresses and skirts this fall!

sleeping: Ehh…depends on the night. I definitely can’t sleep without my Snoogle (that thing is a godsend – if you’re pregnant, buy one of these ASAP. Seriously. Oh, and did I tell you guys that my husband loves it so much that he requested that I order one for him, too? So now we have two on our bed. No joke.); it gives me a lot of support along my back and helps hold up my belly since I’m sleeping on my side, which makes that much more comfortable. I get out of bed 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom, which is quite a chore, let me tell you. Lots of crawling/sliding/hobbling/climbing going on.

loving: Baby hiccups. They are hilarious. This boy has the hiccups at least once a day, and they’re so amusing to me every single time they happen. He’s been in the head down position since our 28 week appointment (at least), so I always feel the hiccups down near my pelvis. He’s also been VERY active the past several weeks, and now that he’s getting bigger, it’s fun to feel his whole body move inside of me. It’s very obvious to see when he’s moving, since my whole stomach moves as he does (in waves/ripples or jabs, depending on what he’s doing in there). I’m pretty sure his butt is up against the front of my belly most of the time – right to the left of my belly button – so it’s fun to feel that.

getting used to: The new aches and pains and fatigue that are on a whole different level than anything I’ve felt before. It’s taking a lot of effort to remind myself that it’s okay to relax once in a while if I’m feeling exhausted, because usually I just push through and rest whenever I have a free minute (not when my body is telling me I need to rest). I think it’s so easy to think that we, as pregnant women, can just keep functioning as we always have pre-baby and push our bodies as far as we’re used to without it being an issue. But, I’m constantly telling myself that it’s okay to take breaks more often these days – and necessary!

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the baby mills: week 23

September 11, 2014

week 23

eating: I was out of town visiting a friend in Chicago most of this week, so my eating habits were a little different than usual. Lots of eating breakfast out (which meant a lot of eggs for me, which is ok in my book!) and lots of veggies for dinner (they’re vegetarian/vegan), which was nice – and I’m sure the baby appreciated all of the nutrients he was getting.

drinking: Tons of water, I’m so thirsty these days!

avoiding: Bending over – it hurts my belly!

wearing: Really digging leggings and tank tops these days as my belly continues to grow and the weather continues to be hot. Still wearing my maternity bermuda shorts if I need to run errands or want to feel like I’m more put together. Totally looking forward to jeans and cardigan weather.

feeling: Great, albeit a little more achey these days. I’ve been getting some mid/lower back pain pretty frequently if I sit too long, but moving around helps (and I’m hoping starting yoga next week will help even more with that). Also having round ligament pain in my lower pelvis/leg area every time I stand after sitting/lying down for more than 5-10 minutes, but gradually getting used to that as my body continues to change and grow with this little dude.

reading: Lots of reviews online for baby stuff as I start putting together my registries. There is SO MUCH BABY STUFF to think about. And I’m not even getting crazy with my lists – we’re trying to go as minimal as possible here, but when you have to think about which stroller will be best for your lifestyle and which car seat is the best/safest/easiest to use and cribs and whether or not you want to cloth diaper and what sort of things you might need once they baby is past super baby stage…it’s a lot to ingest. Yikes. This is where mom friends and Amazon reviews come in super handy.

buying: I finally found some Gap maternity jeans that I like (these and these), so I’m hoping they’ll get me through these next few (chillier) months. It’s still been pretty warm, but it’s so nice to be able to slip on some jeans on chillier days! Also scored a pair of practically brand-new Minnetonka moccs at a vintage store in Wicker Park this week for $20, which I was super excited about as I’ve been wanting a pair to wear around the house in place of slippers. Yay!

sleeping: Pretty decently, especially since buying THIS (which is amazing, and I highly recommend to pregnant and non-pregnant women – and men! – alike). Still stumbling out of bed to go to the bathroom a few times a night, but that’s old news these days. Also, baby boy is moving quite a bit during the night, which wakes me up quite a bit – but I won’t complain about baby rumbling for a second.

loving: This very wiggly baby. He moves all day, every day. It’s pretty wonderful and I never, ever get sick of it. Also starting to (very gradually) put this nursery together, which is pretty much the most fun job ever.

getting used to: People realizing that I’m pregnant – I may have mentioned this before, but with a pretty sizable belly these days, pretty much everyone realizes that I’m pregnant (most people don’t ask, but some people do – luckily for them, they’re right!). It’s still so weird to me that I’m pregnant, and even weirder now that people can tell. Such a bizarre and wonderful experience, this is!

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the baby mills: week 21.

August 28, 2014

week 21

eating: Still enjoying much of the same. Geez, I’m so predictable at this point, aren’t I? Grapes, grapes, and more grapes (I don’t know what it is with the grapes?!). I’ve had a MAJOR sweet tooth this week, and have been craving (and eating) ice cream like no other. Cheese and trail mix are still high up on the list. Oatmeal with fruit or GF toast with peanut butter and jam has been the breakfast of choice.

drinking: Sparkling water out the wazoo. I just can’t get enough of it. And still loving my morning cup of decaf.

avoiding: Nothing new (you know what that means).

wearing: Lots of stretchy tank tops and t-shirts that will accommodate my growing belly. I found some shorts in the back of my closet that luckily have a waist that’s low enough to fit right under my belly, so it’s nice to have another pair to add into the mix. Lots of yoga pants and shorts while working around the house.

feeling: Good! A little more tired, a little more achey, and a little more slow-moving this week, but can’t complain one bit!

reading: Still taking a break from baby-related books (not really intentionally, I just haven’t had much time to – well, haven’t made the time to, I should say). Hoping to get back into it this week. Also, reading reviews on various pregnancy-related things (like this) and starting to think about baby registry items, so I’ve been reading blog posts from other moms to see what they suggest (like this one).

buying: WAY too many baby clothes. I told you my thrifting obsession would be going into overdrive now that I know we’re having a baby boy, and I was right. This past week, I scored over 25 pieces of (the cutest ever) clothing for under $20…plus a few other little things for the nursery. I mean, at an average of fifty cents a piece, how can you blame me?! I also lucked out in the maternity section, as someone must’ve just dropped off a bunch of Gap Maternity stuff. A pair of Gap jeans for $4? Yes, please! I’m pretty sure Josh thinks I have a problem. Which maybe I do, but I think it’s a pretty okay problem to have. He also surprised me with a pair of baby Toms that he ordered, which may possibly be the most adorable things I’ve ever seen (the guy LOVES Toms, and apparently has plans to impart his obsession onto his son).

sleeping: Nothing new this week in terms of sleeping – still pretty well, still getting up to pee. Same old, same old.

loving: The fact that Josh gets SO excited to feel the baby move, and is always asking when he is so he can feel him. It’s so cute to see how excited he is about this baby, and it makes me fall even more in love with him (sappy, I know, but true).

getting used to: VERY STRONG baby movements – there is one active little man in there (which shouldn’t surprise me, since his dad can’t sit still for more than 3 minutes at a time). I’m loving all of the kicking going on, but dang, has it really picked up! I feel him moving much more during the day now, which I didn’t feel so much the past few weeks. The moving hasn’t just increased, but the power of it has too! He’s got some powerful little feet, I’ll tell you that much. It feels really lovely when he (constantly) kicks in the direction of my bladder (…not). Also adjusting to getting tired more easily these days – I had a wedding this past weekend, and while I’m always pretty beat the day after a big event, this time I was EXHAUSTED. In every way possible. I guess it’s tiring work growing a baby and running around like a madwoman at the same time! AND (man, lots of changes happening this week!) getting up – from bed, off the couch, in and out of the car – everything takes longer these days, and looks much more old-lady like. Josh told me the other day that I looked like my grandma getting in and out of the car. My grandma was awesome, so I’ll just take that as a compliment, thankyouverymuch.

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new glasses hunting.

August 22, 2014


As soon as I read this post from Elise last week (my favorite blogger in all the land, and I totally hope she doesn’t mind that I’m borrowing her post idea!), I immediately wanted to try the whole “we’ll ship you glasses to try on and hopefully you’ll find a pair you love” process with this new-to-me company. I’d done this once before (with Warby Parker), but wasn’t thrilled with any of the options – most of the frames I had wanted to try were out of stock, which was super frustrating – so I ended up with a box full of frames that were all sort of second choices to begin with. Needless to say, I didn’t end up with new glasses after that experience, much to my dismay.

As soon as I headed over to the David Kind website, I was smitten. The design of the site is great, and the process to get started with their home try-on program is even better. Instead of choosing your own frames to try on, you answer a few questions (what you’re looking for, what you like/don’t like, any special requests, the types of frames you’re generally drawn to, etc.) and upload a photo of your face, and then you’re paired with a stylist who picks the frames for you based on your face shape and the responses you gave. Genius.


It was like Christmas morning when I received my box. I was so excited to see what Laura (my stylist) had come up with for me. Not only was everything encased in what might be the coolest little glasses package I’ve ever seen (complete with a mirror for trying on your frames), but what impressed me even more was the card that came with it that described all of the frames that Laura picked out for me – and why. The attention to detail and completely customized experience you get with this company is really outstanding, and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. (Sidenote: I know we’re just talking about glasses here, but I think this just goes to show that companies that take the time and make the effort to really think about the customer experience from start to finish can make a huge impact, no matter what they’re selling. Business owners everywhere, take note.) If you’re in the market for some new frames, I would SO recommend giving this company a spin (and by the way, I’m not getting compensated for this in any way – I just think these guys are awesome. But hey, David Kind, if you’d like to throw a new pair of frames my way, I definitely wouldn’t be mad about it).


So, let’s get to the point of this whole post. I’m not only waxing and waning about glasses on a Friday afternoon because I’ve fallen in love with this company – but I’d actually really love your help deciding which ones to choose! I have a few favorites, but am curious to see what you all think.

DK 1B_edited

DK 4B_edited

DK 2A_edited

DK 5B_edited

DK 3A_edited

DK 6A_edited

Any that you particularly love/hate? Would love to hear your opinions!

And, a big thanks to my husband for very patiently snapping these photos of me – I don’t think this guy really realized what he was getting himself into when he decided to marry me.

the baby mills: week 20

August 20, 2014

eating: Lots of the same – still loving grapes, trail mix, cheese. Snacking on granola bars when I’m feeling hungry in between meals. I’ve been a little better about cooking meals at home, and we’ve been enjoying working fresh veggies from the farmer’s market into our dinners. I seem to be having a major sweet [...]

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the baby mills: week 18

August 6, 2014

Since we were on vacation in Mexico when I turned 18 weeks, we decided to change up the photo for this week. eating: Pretty crappily (I had Chik-Fil-A twice for dinner this week. Ugh.). Vacation got us totally out of whack, so we ate out most of this week after we got home because we [...]

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the baby mills: week 17

August 6, 2014

eating: Since we were on vacation in Mexico much of this week, I unfortunately didn’t have very good eating habits. Eating at the buffet for breakfast meant bacon, potatoes, pancakes with Nutella, egg burritos, coffee…eek. Lunch by the pool was veggie pizza and nachos with cheese sauce (and fresh salsa, that’s got to count for [...]

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we’re having a…

August 3, 2014

BOY! We could not be more excited for this little guy. I’ll be sharing lots more photos from our gender reveal shoot and the story behind it soon. *photos by my good friend Emily of Emily Millay Photography

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the baby mills: week 16

July 23, 2014

eating: I’ve been trying to get back to cooking more, it’s one of my favorite things to do but between feeling crappy and being busy with work, we’ve been eating out WAY too much. I feel a lot better when I eat healthy, wholesome meals, so I’ve been working on that. I’ve been trying really [...]

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