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February 8, 2013


While visiting my good friend in Chicago last week, we spent some time wandering in and out of a few shops looking for inspiration. The abundance of Valentine’s Day decor and products sparked a conversation about handmade valentines, and we both found ourselves thinking it would be fun to put some together. We didn’t end up making this happen while I was there, but the idea stuck with me. After some Pinspiration struck, I was off to the store for supplies.

If you’re afraid you won’t have enough time to make these before next week – don’t be. You can easily finish this project in an afternoon, and I bet you already have most of the materials you need. (If not, everything can most likely be found at your local craft store.)


Choose a base for your cards. I used scalloped cards from Archiver’s, which came as a folded card (I just cut the back half off, so I was only left with the scalloped piece). You could easily use scrap card stock you have on hand, just cut to fit whatever envelopes you’ll be using.


Select paper for your hearts. I stuck with the Valentine theme and chose a pink chevron paper, but feel free to get creative here – colored or patterned card stock, newspaper or brown kraft paper would all work. Just keep in mind that thicker paper may be easier to work with when tracing and cutting your hearts. Once you’ve decided on a paper, cut a heart out of scrap paper to use as a template and trace one heart for each card onto your paper.


Cut and glue your hearts. Once you’ve traced your hearts, cut them out. For my valentines I used clear treat bags, which I found in the baking section of my local craft store. Just make sure these will fit on whatever you choose to use as the base for your cards. I adhered the hearts to the bags with small glue dots (I used these), but you can use whatever you have handy.


Fill your bags. This is the fun part – finding random little bits to include in your bags. I didn’t want my cards to be bulky since they needed to make it through the mail, so I chose items that wouldn’t stick out too much. In each bag I included heart stickers, a little wooden heart, heart confetti, and a vintage vocabulary card on which I wrote a cute little note (this was a totally random thing that I found in my closet, so don’t be afraid to wander around your house and look for something you can use – you never know what you’ll find!).


Sew each bag onto a card. I used a simple zigzag stitch and light pink thread to attach my bags to the cards – but again, use whatever you have and like. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could also use staples or tape – washi tape would work well here!


Stamp tags. I’m obsessed with these manila tags, so no project is safe when it comes to these puppies. They’re cute, I can’t help it. I created a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message using this stamp kit, which is pretty much the best thing ever. Go get one – you will find a million ways to use it, I promise. Once you’ve got your stamp ready, stamp your tags. If you don’t want to stamp, you can also handwrite or print out tags – use what you have! (But seriously, you should go buy that stamp kit. I’m telling you).


Attach tags to cards. Tie your tags onto your cards with whatever you have lying around – I used baker’s twine (because again, I’m obsessed with it), but you could also use ribbon, yarn, embroidery floss – whatever. Anything would work here!


Stare at your cute cards and be sad for a second that you have to say goodbye. (Just kidding. Sort of.) Once you’re finished, throw your cards in some envelopes and ship them off to their lucky recipients. I forgot to take a picture of my cards once they were in their envelopes, but they weren’t anything too elaborate – I just addressed the envelopes, stamped my return address on the back, and added a bit of pink washi tape to help keep them closed. You can certainly get creative with your envelopes, if you’re feeling up to it!

Again, these cards are so simple to throw together, and you don’t have to go out and buy any fancy materials. Just make whatever you have at home work for you – these are meant to be fun and super inexpensive. Everyone loves to get a nice little surprise in the mail just because, don’t you think? Happy mail for the win.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate!

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candie February 16, 2013 at 4:20 am

LOVE these! I’m especially loving your photography and the filter on the photos – nice style :) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby’s Hearts Craft Challenge :-)



Janelle February 18, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Thanks so much, Candie! Glad you enjoyed it. And, I’ll definitely check out the challenge!


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