the baby mills: week 16

July 23, 2014

week 16

eating: I’ve been trying to get back to cooking more, it’s one of my favorite things to do but between feeling crappy and being busy with work, we’ve been eating out WAY too much. I feel a lot better when I eat healthy, wholesome meals, so I’ve been working on that. I’ve been trying really hard to stay away from gluten, since I was really terrible about that the first few months. I definitely notice a difference when I cut it out of my diet (just like I did when I stopped eating it last summer – huh, imagine that…). Still craving cheesy/creamy things like chicken salad, cheesy pasta, etc. Breakfast is usually a smoothie made with greek yogurt and fruit or toast with peanut butter or an egg.

drinking: Lots of water (but still probably not enough). Between trying to keep headaches at bay, battling warm days, and feeling really thirsty all the time, water is pretty much the only thing I’ve been wanting – which is good, right!?

avoiding: I’ve eaten more beans the past week than I have I think this whole pregnancy, because they were kind of weirding me out for a while – so now the only thing I’m REALLY choosing to not eat is (STILL) avocado. Womp, womp.

wearing: I’ve been working at home most days this week (aka not leaving the house, ever), so my “uniform” is usually something comfy – a stretchy tank top and yoga capris or shorts. Still loving maxi dresses and sandals when I go out for a quick/easy/comfortable outfit.

feeling: Good this week! Only one small headache, which I think was from the heat and not drinking enough water. Extra bloating from gluten is also annoying – as it always is – hence why I’ve been working really hard on getting back to avoiding it completely. I’ve also been taking the (hyper) dog for a 30-ish minute every morning, which has been great for getting some exercise and enjoying the weather while it’s still nice and quiet and peaceful outside!

reading: I’m reading this off and on, but that’s obviously not baby-related. I did, however, just request a bunch of books from the library, and am excited to start reading this.

buying: More maternity clothes, because they’re just so dang comfy. I currently have these, these, this, and this in a shopping cart that’s anxiously waiting for me to click the “buy” button. I love basics, so I’d like to have some good maternity ones in my arsenal. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

sleeping: Pretty decently. I’ve had some trouble falling asleep on a few of the hot nights when we don’t have the air on, but having a fan blowing on me definitely helps and keeps me sleeping pretty soundly (I’m definitely a fan sleeper – I’d sleep with a fan on year-round if my husband would let me!). Bathroom trips in the middle of the night continue to become more frequent, especially because I’ve been trying to drink more water throughout the day. I guess this is just something I need to get used to, because I don’t foresee it letting up anytime soon!

loving: The fact that my bump continues to grow. I was anti-any kind of tight shirt for a while because my “bump” just looked like a big bloated belly and I felt super uncomfortable if I was wearing anything other than something loose and flowy, but now I can wear tighter fitted tanks (with jeans or shorts or yoga pants or WHATEVER) and not feel so awkward, which is really nice, because I pretty much live in them! Plus, growing bump = growing baby, which is SO cool. I’ve also started collecting feathers that I find on my morning walks with the dog, which I plan to use for a nursery project (stay tuned for that). It’s become a fun little morning tradition to hunt for them!

getting used to: Feeling a little out of breath more than usual, and finding it more difficult to bend over – even though I don’t have a huge belly that gets in the way (yet), it still seems to be a little more challenging to bend down when I’m standing.

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