the baby mills: week 17

August 6, 2014

week 17

eating: Since we were on vacation in Mexico much of this week, I unfortunately didn’t have very good eating habits. Eating at the buffet for breakfast meant bacon, potatoes, pancakes with Nutella, egg burritos, coffee…eek. Lunch by the pool was veggie pizza and nachos with cheese sauce (and fresh salsa, that’s got to count for something – right?!). Non-vacation food was much of the same as the past few weeks – smoothies, trail mix, pasta, crackers and cheese.

drinking: Still trying to keep up with drinking lots of water, and while soaking up the (extremely hot) Mexican sun, I made sure to keep the bottled water flowing. I was majorly missing out on having fun poolside drinks like everyone else, but I ordered a ton of club sodas with lime to feel a little more fancy (and freak people out by making them think I was drinking gin and tonics or something, ha!).

avoiding: I made an attempt to try guacamole this week, but took one bite and pretty much avoided the rest. If I can’t do freshly made Mexican guacamole, then I don’t have high hopes – but I’ll keep trying the avocados in hope that one day I’ll fall back in love!

wearing: With an ever-growing bump, I’m starting to feel more comfortable (as in, comfortable with how I look) in “regular” clothes – still rocking the maternity shorts pretty regularly with normal tanks and tees and maxi dresses/skirts. And of course, busted out the bathing suit for our trip – this was my first experience wearing a bikini while having a big ol’ bump, so that was quite the experience! And let me just say – when there are certain parts of your body growing and changing, bathing suit shopping/wearing is not quite the same. I had to get two new bathing suit tops because all of the ones I have either completely didn’t fit, or looked ridiculous. I wasn’t really expecting that!

feeling: Good! No more nausea at all, feeling almost completely normal (or as normal as you can feel when you have a tiny human growing inside of you). I can definitely feel my stomach growing and stretching a lot more these days. At some points in the day, it feels like my skin is going to pop – it’s a pretty weird sensation!

reading: I started reading Bringing Up Bebe on vacation in the mornings after I woke up and before we headed down to the pool, and I’m really loving it so far. It’s SO interesting! Lots of things to think about when it comes to raising a child and being a parent, especially how we (Americans) do so compared to others (in France). Having studied in France during college, I’m really intrigued by the author’s experience raising children there as opposed to here.

buying: A new bathing suit, which was not very fun (see above comment). We also went into the small town that we were staying at in Mexico and got a cute little stuffed monkey for the nursery, which of course I’m in love with.

sleeping: Pretty soundly, especially on vacation. When you have no distractions and are laying in a very dark room with the air blowing, fans going, and waves crashing outside – it’s hard not to fall into a pretty deep sleep. Still waking up a few times for trips to the bathroom, though.

loving: Having a few days away to completely relax! It’s been so nice to just lay around with no concept of time, no dogs to chase around, no dishes to do, no errands to run, no emails to answer. Just my husband, a bathing suit, some sunglasses, a good book, a spot in the pool, and a view of the Caribbean. Ahhh.

getting used to: Going to the bathroom 5,298 times a day. There are times when I will have to pee several times in an hour, and let me tell you, it gets old pretty quickly. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m drinking so much water, but this growing baby that’s pressing on my bladder is definitely not helping. It’s also been a little challenging to be pregnant while on vacation – it wasn’t too big of a deal, but drinking a ton of water to stay hydrated and then having to get up from my chair/out of the pool to go to the bathroom pretty much every hour was an adjustment. Not ideal, but I can’t complain about being on the beach in Mexico, so I can deal with it!

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