the baby mills: week 18

August 6, 2014

week 18

Since we were on vacation in Mexico when I turned 18 weeks, we decided to change up the photo for this week.

eating: Pretty crappily (I had Chik-Fil-A twice for dinner this week. Ugh.). Vacation got us totally out of whack, so we ate out most of this week after we got home because we had too much going on and I didn’t make it to the store for groceries. I’ve remedied that and now that we have some food in the house, I’m hoping to get back into cooking and feeding this baby some healthier stuff. I usually LOVE cooking, but I’ve been so overwhelmed with things to do lately that when it comes time for dinner, the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen for hours. (Suggestions for quick, tasty, wholesome recipes are very welcome!)

drinking: Water. And iced coffee. My staples (ha!). I made a batch of this iced coffee at the beginning of the week and it’s delicious – we’ve already gone through most of it and it’s only Wednesday. Oops!

avoiding: I’ll give you one guess. Anyone?

wearing: Lots of dresses this week (since my beloved shorts are still in the dirty laundry from vacation). That’s what I’m most comfortable in these days, even more so than yoga pants. I’ve been wearing these pretty frequently, but the fold-over band hits me in a weird spot, so I think it might be time to upgrade to some maternity leggings (both for lounging and for going out). I did the jeans-with-hair tie trick the other day, but I can’t even zip them up so it’s pretty awkward when my shirt rides up and you can totally see my zipper down. They fit fine everywhere else, but I hate that I can’t close them because it’s super weird if I’m wearing a shirt that’s not longer or flowy. I think it may be time for some maternity jeans too. I’m officially pregnant.

feeling: Pretty great, except I do get super tired some days when I’ve been running around too much. I’m generally pretty awake and alert as long as I get enough sleep (8 hours exactly is my happy number), but there are some days that I just want to fall onto the couch and veg out – which I’m realizing is okay. I’m really trying to listen to my body as much as possible and not push myself too hard. I’ve been dealing with some stomach/indigestion issues this week, but I think my body is just a little out of whack from being on vacation, eating food that I shouldn’t be (homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my mom, anyone?), and not cooking at home. I’m pretty sure this is just my body’s way of yelling at me for being mean to it. And I’ve also started experiencing what I’m pretty sure is round ligament pain, based on what I’ve read. I feel it most when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom – I would say it’s more uncomfortable than painful, but it’s yet another change in my body (of many) to get used to. It’s funny how much more you pay attention to your body, what it’s doing, and how it’s feeling when you’re pregnant!

reading: Still reading this like I mentioned last week, and I also started reading a book called Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful that my cousin lent me. I’m only a few pages in (and I missed the whole first trimester section), but it’s seems like SUCH a lovely book so far and I’m really into it. It’s definitely takes a more wholesome, spiritual approach to the experience and idea of pregnancy – but I love that kind of stuff, so it works for me. If you’re into that too, I’d definitely recommend it based on what I’ve read so far.

buying: I actually didn’t buy anything this week (except for groceries and some supplies for a few non-baby related projects), but you better believe now that I know Baby Miller’s gender, I’m going to be hunting stuff down for the nursery like a crazy person. I put myself on a baby-buying hiatus quite a few weeks ago and told myself I wasn’t allowed to get anything else until we got further into this pregnancy AND found out the sex – so now that we’re there, the baby thrifting can recommence. YES.

sleeping: Still pretty good, except for the fact that Josh is the most restless human ever and moves around like a crazy person all night. I wake up several times a night from him tossing and turning, but luckily I’ve never had much of a problem falling back asleep pretty quickly. I don’t need any sleep tips at this point, but clearly my poor husband does! Anyone have any ideas I can pass along?!

loving: Seeing our baby for the first time EVER! It’s crazy to hear a heartbeat every month, but then to actually see your little growing human on a screen in front of you – all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, wiggly arms, a curvy spine, a tiny nose – it’s pretty mind-blowing. As if this whole thing isn’t surreal enough, to actually have proof that there’s something in there that looks strangely similar to me…woah. Oh, and TOTALLY loving THIS!!!

getting used to: An actual, legitimate, “you look pregnant!” baby bump. Up until now I’ve had one of those bumps that looks very much baby-induced to me, but probably not to many other people (you know that awkward stage where people are looking at you and think maaaaybe there’s something going on in there, but they don’t want to ask for fear of being completely offensive?). But there’s no denying that there’s a baby in there these days. I’m pretty much loving it. Oh, and this week (while propped up on the edge of the pool reading on vacation, funnily enough), I finally started noticing the “quickening” – the little flutters of the baby moving. People kept asking me if I could feel anything yet, and my answer was always no, even though I wasn’t really sure. But now that I’ve started to feel movement, it’s completely different than anything I’ve felt before, so I know that nothing I’ve felt up to this point was the baby moving (just, you know, gas and stuff). I can’t really describe what the feeling is like, but it’s kind of like the baby is tickling me from the inside – which I guess he technically is, ha! It’s mostly when I’m sitting still or laying down (there’s a lot of activity right now as I’m typing this, actually). It’s very, very cool.

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