the baby mills: week 20

August 20, 2014

week 20

eating: Lots of the same – still loving grapes, trail mix, cheese. Snacking on granola bars when I’m feeling hungry in between meals. I’ve been a little better about cooking meals at home, and we’ve been enjoying working fresh veggies from the farmer’s market into our dinners. I seem to be having a major sweet tooth this week, which resulted in such things as pumpkin pancakes with (way too much) syrup for breakfast and homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – baby boy thoroughly enjoyed both, I’ll tell you that much.

drinking: Tons of sparkling water (like, a whole bottle of Trader Joe’s raspberry lime per day). I’ve been thirsty constantly, and something about the carbonation seems to help quench my thirst more than regular water (although I’m drinking that, too). I’ve also been enjoying a hot cup of decaf with lots of cream (and homemade cinnamon simple syrup) these past several chilly, fall-ish mornings!

avoiding: Maybe I’ll just stop answering this question until the answer changes…

wearing: Still trying to hang on to my jeans, which still fit fine everywhere except the waist, obviously. I tried the belly band a few times this week, which worked well enough, but the waist hits right around my bladder and makes me have to pee more than normal. So that’s not too pleasant. I’m on a mission to find a decent pair of maternity jeans to get me through the fall/early winter, because I have a feeling they’ll be much more comfortable. I also ordered some more of these tanks this week, as well as some leggings (these and these) and this dress. I’ve decided that coming up with a pregnancy “uniform” will make my life much easier than standing in front of my closet every day being frustrated that most things don’t fit right anymore, so I’m guessing that will be something like leggings/jeans, a tank, and a cardigan once it starts getting cooler.

feeling: Pretty great! (Josh laughed at me earlier this week, because someone asked me how I was feeling and I replied with a very enthusiastic “great!,” but it’s true!) Besides my stomach feeling like it’s reeeeally stretching to the max sometimes, and a little bit of discomfort in my lower pelvis when I first get out of bed in the morning, I truly do feel really good. I think walking has helped, and I’m hoping to add a weekly yoga class to the mix and start moving my body a bit more to feel even better.

reading: I’ve taken a little break from baby reading, but am still working through the few books that I started (along with a new fiction one).

buying: I haven’t been hitting up the thrift stores much lately because I’m worried that I’ll just buy all of the things since I can’t resist, but I did stop in to look for some wedding props and ended up bringing home the cutest ever hoodie and a pair of Baby Gap overalls (that cost $2). Baby thrifting for the win, again.

sleeping: Pretty well. Baby boy usually starts kicking up a storm right after I lay down for the night, but I can’t say I mind that one bit. I just lay there and enjoy feeling him moving around, and then I usually pass right out with my hands on my belly. Still getting up a few times a night to go to the bathroom, unless I’m in a really deep sleep and somehow make it to the morning – which is nothing short of a miracle these days.

loving: Feeling the baby move, a LOT. Even more than that, loving that Josh can now feel him too. He moves around a lot first thing in the morning (he seems to wake up with me), so we’ve been laying in bed in the morning and feeling him move and cracking up because we both just can’t believe that there’s a tiny man in there wiggling around. It’s still such a surreal, bizarre, amazing thing. I just sat and laughed out loud by myself today while I felt him move, which made me feel slightly insane. It’s just mind blowing to me!

getting used to: Actually looking like a pregnant person. It’s pretty crazy to get dressed every day and leave the house to go run errands or grab dinner, and realize that most people can now probably (hopefully) tell that I’m carrying a tiny human inside of me. I still have a hard time believing that I’m actually, really, truly pregnant and going to have a son (!!!!!) come January, so it’s pretty nuts to realize that other people can now see this, too. Woah!

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