the baby mills: week 21.

August 28, 2014

week 21

eating: Still enjoying much of the same. Geez, I’m so predictable at this point, aren’t I? Grapes, grapes, and more grapes (I don’t know what it is with the grapes?!). I’ve had a MAJOR sweet tooth this week, and have been craving (and eating) ice cream like no other. Cheese and trail mix are still high up on the list. Oatmeal with fruit or GF toast with peanut butter and jam has been the breakfast of choice.

drinking: Sparkling water out the wazoo. I just can’t get enough of it. And still loving my morning cup of decaf.

avoiding: Nothing new (you know what that means).

wearing: Lots of stretchy tank tops and t-shirts that will accommodate my growing belly. I found some shorts in the back of my closet that luckily have a waist that’s low enough to fit right under my belly, so it’s nice to have another pair to add into the mix. Lots of yoga pants and shorts while working around the house.

feeling: Good! A little more tired, a little more achey, and a little more slow-moving this week, but can’t complain one bit!

reading: Still taking a break from baby-related books (not really intentionally, I just haven’t had much time to – well, haven’t made the time to, I should say). Hoping to get back into it this week. Also, reading reviews on various pregnancy-related things (like this) and starting to think about baby registry items, so I’ve been reading blog posts from other moms to see what they suggest (like this one).

buying: WAY too many baby clothes. I told you my thrifting obsession would be going into overdrive now that I know we’re having a baby boy, and I was right. This past week, I scored over 25 pieces of (the cutest ever) clothing for under $20…plus a few other little things for the nursery. I mean, at an average of fifty cents a piece, how can you blame me?! I also lucked out in the maternity section, as someone must’ve just dropped off a bunch of Gap Maternity stuff. A pair of Gap jeans for $4? Yes, please! I’m pretty sure Josh thinks I have a problem. Which maybe I do, but I think it’s a pretty okay problem to have. He also surprised me with a pair of baby Toms that he ordered, which may possibly be the most adorable things I’ve ever seen (the guy LOVES Toms, and apparently has plans to impart his obsession onto his son).

sleeping: Nothing new this week in terms of sleeping – still pretty well, still getting up to pee. Same old, same old.

loving: The fact that Josh gets SO excited to feel the baby move, and is always asking when he is so he can feel him. It’s so cute to see how excited he is about this baby, and it makes me fall even more in love with him (sappy, I know, but true).

getting used to: VERY STRONG baby movements – there is one active little man in there (which shouldn’t surprise me, since his dad can’t sit still for more than 3 minutes at a time). I’m loving all of the kicking going on, but dang, has it really picked up! I feel him moving much more during the day now, which I didn’t feel so much the past few weeks. The moving hasn’t just increased, but the power of it has too! He’s got some powerful little feet, I’ll tell you that much. It feels really lovely when he (constantly) kicks in the direction of my bladder (…not). Also adjusting to getting tired more easily these days – I had a wedding this past weekend, and while I’m always pretty beat the day after a big event, this time I was EXHAUSTED. In every way possible. I guess it’s tiring work growing a baby and running around like a madwoman at the same time! AND (man, lots of changes happening this week!) getting up – from bed, off the couch, in and out of the car – everything takes longer these days, and looks much more old-lady like. Josh told me the other day that I looked like my grandma getting in and out of the car. My grandma was awesome, so I’ll just take that as a compliment, thankyouverymuch.

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