the baby mills: week 23

September 11, 2014

week 23

eating: I was out of town visiting a friend in Chicago most of this week, so my eating habits were a little different than usual. Lots of eating breakfast out (which meant a lot of eggs for me, which is ok in my book!) and lots of veggies for dinner (they’re vegetarian/vegan), which was nice – and I’m sure the baby appreciated all of the nutrients he was getting.

drinking: Tons of water, I’m so thirsty these days!

avoiding: Bending over – it hurts my belly!

wearing: Really digging leggings and tank tops these days as my belly continues to grow and the weather continues to be hot. Still wearing my maternity bermuda shorts if I need to run errands or want to feel like I’m more put together. Totally looking forward to jeans and cardigan weather.

feeling: Great, albeit a little more achey these days. I’ve been getting some mid/lower back pain pretty frequently if I sit too long, but moving around helps (and I’m hoping starting yoga next week will help even more with that). Also having round ligament pain in my lower pelvis/leg area every time I stand after sitting/lying down for more than 5-10 minutes, but gradually getting used to that as my body continues to change and grow with this little dude.

reading: Lots of reviews online for baby stuff as I start putting together my registries. There is SO MUCH BABY STUFF to think about. And I’m not even getting crazy with my lists – we’re trying to go as minimal as possible here, but when you have to think about which stroller will be best for your lifestyle and which car seat is the best/safest/easiest to use and cribs and whether or not you want to cloth diaper and what sort of things you might need once they baby is past super baby stage…it’s a lot to ingest. Yikes. This is where mom friends and Amazon reviews come in super handy.

buying: I finally found some Gap maternity jeans that I like (these and these), so I’m hoping they’ll get me through these next few (chillier) months. It’s still been pretty warm, but it’s so nice to be able to slip on some jeans on chillier days! Also scored a pair of practically brand-new Minnetonka moccs at a vintage store in Wicker Park this week for $20, which I was super excited about as I’ve been wanting a pair to wear around the house in place of slippers. Yay!

sleeping: Pretty decently, especially since buying THIS (which is amazing, and I highly recommend to pregnant and non-pregnant women – and men! – alike). Still stumbling out of bed to go to the bathroom a few times a night, but that’s old news these days. Also, baby boy is moving quite a bit during the night, which wakes me up quite a bit – but I won’t complain about baby rumbling for a second.

loving: This very wiggly baby. He moves all day, every day. It’s pretty wonderful and I never, ever get sick of it. Also starting to (very gradually) put this nursery together, which is pretty much the most fun job ever.

getting used to: People realizing that I’m pregnant – I may have mentioned this before, but with a pretty sizable belly these days, pretty much everyone realizes that I’m pregnant (most people don’t ask, but some people do – luckily for them, they’re right!). It’s still so weird to me that I’m pregnant, and even weirder now that people can tell. Such a bizarre and wonderful experience, this is!

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